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The beginning of A Dash of Flavour

We still have the Blogspot that started the journey for A Dash of Flavour.  There are a lot of recipes and memories to keep. 

You can access it by clicking here



  • Jo

Welcome to our new site....

This has been a long time coming, a lot of hours in the making, some cries of joy, some tears shed but we have finally made it. Still trying to work my way around using a new platform after spending many years with the trusty Blogger.

The last several months (almost a year) have been very hectic for us as a family... we moved house (an yes I have a nicer and more practically kitchen), we have had life changes with work, schooling and health. All which we are continuing to work through individually.

Anyway despite the new premises, both physically and digitally, the food will always remain the same as with my corny stories to go with the recipes. So make yourself at home.

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