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We still have the Blogspot that started the journey for A Dash of Flavour.  There are a lot of recipes and memories to keep. 

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PB and Jelly Yoghurt with Banana and

This is my new favourite breakfast!

I am not a lover of cereal as I am not fond of the taste of cold plain milk. Nor do I enjoy the cardboard texture of most cereals. I have been know to eat muesli with yoghurt or even Wheat-bix with butter and jam. I am a true breakfast snob.

Normally a breakfast for me is consists of eggs with either asparagus, spinach or mushrooms. The eggs being scrambled, fried, poached or even made into an omelette. Beans on toast is also a regular item for my morning meal.

However I came across this recipe on Skinny Taste. I know nearly everyone has visited Gina's site and has cooked at least one thing. Her site is amazing - if you haven't been to have a look please do yourself a favour and do so. Make sure you have some free time as there is so much to read and drool over.

Anyway I cannot say much more about this dish except that it is super easy and super delicious and if you like the PB and Jelly flavour combination you have to give this a try - I know Elvis would if he could......

PB and Jelly Yoghurt with Banana and Fresh Berries

(Recipe adapted from Skinny Taste)

Serves: 1

Smartpoints per serve: 4

1 banana, peeled and sliced

100 grams natural low fat yoghurt

2 teapsoons no sugar smooth peanut butter (however crunchy is good)

2 teaspoons raspberry jam

fresh berries of your choice

Put half of the banana in a bowl.

Top with yoghurt.

Top with berries, jam and peanut butter.

Serve immediately.