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So who are we?

She loves the colour red and he loves Hawaiian shirts!


We are both originally from United Kingdom - Noel is from England and Jo is from Wales.  Meeting in Australia in the early 90's, we have been inseparable since.  Our life has been blessed with two children, Oliver and Alexandria. One born in Melbourne and the other in Sydney.  They have always kept us on our toes and we adore them, even as young adults.


Both work full time in construction, enjoy the challenges and joys of being parents, and love spending quality time with our family and friends.  Totally enjoy entertaining people any chance we get.


Cooking is not only a necessity at the House of Murray it's actually more of a hobby for us both especially experimenting with new flavours, techniques and testing out our creations on those we share time with.


Our life is hectic - we are always busy doing something either just us or with friends BUT that is the way we like it!!

Enjoy ~ Jo and Noel 

In the Beginning

It all started back in 2008 - when I thought it was pretty cool blogging away what we were cooking. 


The kids had to wait until a photo of the food was taken before they could eat.  Now it's the norm - they know there will be a photo - unless of course as they say "it must be shit she hasn't taken a photo!"

Twelve years later and what was a hobby, has become an obsession!  Yes an obsession - one that leads us to try new foods, flavours, ingredients, techniques and yes still post about it.

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