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In the Beginning

It all started back in 2008 - when I thought it was pretty cool blogging away what we were cooking. 


The kids had to wait until a photo of the food was taken before they could eat.  Now it's the norm - they know there will be a photo - unless of course as they say "it must be shit she hasn't taken a photo!"

Many years later and what was a hobby, has become an obsession!  Yes an obsession - one that leads us to try new foods, flavours, ingredients, techniques and yes still post about it.

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About Us

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Creators, experimenters and chief food tasters Jo & Noel are A Dash Of Flavour

With a pinch of effort, a teaspoon of love along with an ounce of imagination food becomes an exciting and enjoyable experience....

Like many people we do try and focus on healthier foods but being "foodies" often those recipes are just not the focus.... food is food and we love it.

We hope you enjoy trying some of our foods.

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